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At Home Indiana: What's in This Issue?


My Favorite Hoosier Hometown. Go ahead, brag a bit. Tell us why your Indiana hometown is the best in the state. Each issue we'll take one of your submissions and give our readers a personal tour of your Hoosier hometown.

Coolest Swimming Hole Around. The name is little bit misleading, because it's nothing like a typical commercial waterpark. Instead, Pine Lake mixes slides and dive towers with the natural beauty of a spring-fed lake. Anyone say, CANNONBALL?

Why I Came Back to Indiana. Folks who grew up in Indiana seem to gravitate back to this state sometime down the road. This reader shares why he pulled the plug on the Big Apple and firmly planted his roots back in Indiana.

Everything Indiana ... and More. Think you know the state flower? Bird? Poem? OK, we'll give you the first two. But, there are plenty of other things about Indiana you just may not know.

Motorhome Makeover. Minnesota couple brought their faded motorhome back to its Indiana birthplace to see it transformed with a custom paint job that made her queen of the road again.

They Bring a Taste of Indonesia to Indiana. Pull up a chair and get ready for some home cooking, of the Indonesian variety. This couple figured Indonesian cuisine in Indiana is a match made in heaven.

Focus on Indiana. Every issue we'll take an armchair tour of the state. You'll be inspired by the beauty you may have never noticed all around you.

The Amish Way. Handmade Amish goods are a hit in Indiana. Amish craftsmen and women will share some of their skills so you can see how it is made the Amish way.

Crossroads Collections. You can hear chimes every hour, filling the house with an overwhelming rush of sound. You may want to bring some earplugs. That's because they have 1,300 clocks in their ever-growing collection.

He Has an Eye for Indiana. "Some of my most beautiful photographs were taken right here in The Hoosier State," says Tom Sprunger of Monroe. "Those are the images that make me the most proud!" Tom doesn't brag. But we convinced him to share a few of his remarkable images.

So You Think You Know Basketball? No state follows basketball more closely than The Hoosier State. So we've compiled a doozy of a basketball quiz. Get them all right and you have bragging rights as the king or queen of the court.


  • Prettiest Place in Indiana
  • Regional Recap
  • Barnyard Banter
  • Guess the Rain Gauge
  • Frugal Hoosier
  • Rural Roots
  • Indiana Passport Contest
  • Hoosier Home Cookin'
  • Reader Photo Contest


Readers write
this magazine! We're also looking for 92 "Hoosier Editors."