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At Home Indiana Magazine:
Here's What We're Looking For

At Home Indiana is incredibly different from any magazine we've created. For starters, we invite all Hoosiers, including YOU, to contribute stories, short items, recipes and photos to appear in issues of our magazines. The best part ... you don't even need to be a professional writer or photographer.

It's about folks like you, whose personal identity is inseparable from "The Hoosier State." It relies heavily on reader involvement. We hope you share your favorite Indiana stories, your favorite Indiana photos, your personal Indiana-loving experiences to give this magazine the voice and soul it needs to excite all readers who pick up it up.

The more stories we have from every corner of the state, the harder it will be to put an issue down!

To get you started, here are a few ideas of what we're looking for:

Best hometown around
Go ahead, brag a bit. Tell us why your Indiana hometown is the best in the state. What makes it welcoming, fun, friendly or unique? It doesn't need to be monumental. We want to hear about those little things that make your hometown special, or stand out a little above the rest.

Made in Indiana
What items are made only in this state that make you proud? How have these products made an impact on your life, or on the life of someone you shared them with? We want to know.

My favorite childhood memory
If you were born or raised in Indiana, what special memories do you cherish that could only happen right in this state?

Favorite home-cooked recipe
What recipe says Indiana cookin' to you like no other? Who makes it? Does it have an Indiana twist? Why is it special to you? And please ... share the recipe!

Best "Crossroads of America" drive
Did you know more major highways intersect in Indiana than any other state? That means there are lots of roads to explore. Tell us about your favorite drive and those must-stop places along the way.

Why I (we) came back
Job transfer, school or other life change may have forced you to move away from Indiana, only to return years later. Tell us why you longed to come "home" and what it meant to be back.

Indiana weekend getaways
There is so much to see in Indiana, thank goodness for weekends! Help our readers plan their next adventure without having to leave the state. Tell us about those special bed-and-breakfasts, historic landmarks, scenic getaways or museum tours that have you excited to return.

My favorite character
Tell us about someone uniquely Indiana, whose heart is as big as the state and has a personality so contagious that anyone who meets him or her says, "Now that's a real Indiana character."

Schooled in Indiana
Elementary, middle, high school or college. Indiana is home to some fantastic schools and teachers. Tell us about your favorite teacher who made a difference in your life. Or, share your favorite school experience that could only happen here.

Uniquely Indiana
What can you share that only Hoosiers would understand? Jot down your stories, phrases and riddles, or send us your unique photos.

Divine diners
We want to know your favorite mom-and-pop restaurants -- particularly those off the beaten path -- where the food is worth the extra travel, and when you arrive, you're in no hurry to leave. Share stories of a legendary dish served there, or an experience over a cup of coffee that changed your life. Don't forget to share photos.

Sports shorts (and features)
Hoosiers are crazy about sports on any level, starting with yours or your kid's first two-point basket right up to the top highlights in professional sports. Tell us about the crazy in-state rivalries that you are caught up in. The most memorable basketball game you played, or those Friday-night traditions before the big game. Who's the coach who taught you a life lesson? You get the idea. Tell us all your favorite sports memories.

My favorite _____________
Fill in the blank. Covered bridge? Barn? Round barn? Coach? Pork tenderloin sandwich? You fill in the blank. Just include the story behind the statement, please.

Indiana jokes, told by Hoosiers
Knock, knock. Who's there? Hoosier. Hoosier who? You get the idea. There are many knee-slapping Indiana jokes that only insiders would get. Share them just for laughs.

Don't waste any time. Submit your story, photo or idea today. It's easy.

Or you can send in one of these two ways:

Email: Send your submissions to

Postal mail: Mail your submissions to: At Home Indiana, Annie's, 306 E Parr Road, Berne IN 46711. If you want your submissions returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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